Blue Mountain Rally

North Face Rally – Blue Mountain

On March 5th NFR all got together, and cruised to The Blue Mountain. About 15 cars enthusiast and North Face Rally members all met up at our great friends over Auto Storage Palace. Red Bull Canada was out giving out great refreshments while we detailed the cars and geared up to head out. With A few pit stops and re-grouping (because what’s a run with out police pulling of our crew members!) We stopped over at Hooligans in Barrie. Lined up took some pics and grabbed some food. We then made it to our final destination , in the heart of Blue Mountain. Lights were bright crowd was great and amazed of all the supercars we brought out, not an every day occurrence for exotics to pull up in the country side in the middle of winter at that! After entertaining the crowd we headed to the lodge to party. We didn’t waste any time, beer pong to start and the rest was just epic. I won’t name any names but a certain someone power puked someone’s Lambo, but you’ll have to come out and join us to find out what really goes on! Don’t miss or next rally July 7th-11th Details on

Huge Thank You to our sponsors Tire Connection, Calibre Auto Incorporated,

Elegant Motoring, Allure Limo & Spa ,and